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Clouds at Bidalgaur, April 2012
30°13′22″ N, 79°47′11″ E, 4180 metres.
360° view, 45 frames, 5 exposures per frame.

Right next to the Trishul massive (7120 m) in Uttarakhand. With a team of three, this was my fourth attempt to reach Bidalguar. The last ridge before the greater Himalayas can be crossed at Daung. Then it is uncharted territory. Abundant with wildlife, we walk through a dense forest, roughly going up the stream to the glaciers which feed it. There is no trail. Three days of tough hiking and making our own way through forests, boulder zones and sharp ridges brought us to Bidalguar. We took shelter for the night in a natural set of caves under huge boulders. It snowed that night. By the morning we realised that we were stuck. For three days, with our rations running out we could barely get out of the caves. The panorama was taken on the morning of the fourth day, just before we scurried down and back to safety.