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Devi Kund Camp, August 2010
32° 14′ 47″ N, 79° 54′ 40″ E, 4200 metres.
360° view, 45 frames, 5 exposures per frame.

Devi Kund is nature’s pristine beauty at its best. Less travelled ridges of Himalayas in Uttarakhand present a landscape which is untouched by any human impact. The charm of being here and feeling that you are the first to relish these pure sights is unparalleled. To reach Devi Kund you follow the trail till Dhakuri which is en route the popular trek to Pindari glacier. A detour from Dhakuri takes you past Jatoli village to Sundurdunga. Devi Kund is one day’s hike from here.